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Website review and evaluation
Site evaluation and review

Providing a review or audit that will offer a route map and strategy to effectively reach you target audience online, achieving value for money from your online budget.

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Creating great content
Content and social media

HP Consulting can help you plan and develop content that will engage your audience and rank well with Search Engines.

If you need extra resource we can produce content for you and help with tweeting, posts or pins. A few hours each month is enough to keep your blog fresh and interesting along with a good level of social interactions.

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Inbound marketing

SEO traditionally rested with on page factors such as keywords and building links into the site. Inbound marketing looks in a more holistic way at all the routes that might send you website traffic. Quality content, blogging and social media all need to work together as well as keywords, coding and links. HP Consulting can help you with an easy to follow strategy.

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Get your SEO right & get found

Search Engines are no longer fooled by keyword stuffing and irrelevant links. You need to show quality not quantity and provide evidence that you are socially engaged to rise up the rankings. HP Consulting can put you on the right track.

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Helping you to get your business right online

If you think that your site could improve or you would like some extra affordable support in any of these areas why not get in touch?

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