Content marketing format Ideas?

Armed with a good keyword list you can start your content marketing. It is a great way to attract and engage with your target audience but coming up with different content can be hard. Here is a guide to get you on your way. If you need extra resource H P Consulting can help you.

content marketing formats

When you write your content always consider what you target audience will be looking for. Try and use the same terms they will us in their search. Refer to you keyword list and use those that have high volumes but avoid words that have low intent or are too general

Many searches begin with words like "how", "why", "what is" or "guide to". Creating content that includes these terms as well as answering the question will be a good match and rank well in search engine results. As a popular page they also attract many likes links, tweets and shares

If you develop a great "guide to" or " how to" article it can remain topical and popular for a very long time. The longer it remains the more likes share and tweets it will accumulate as well as lots of SEO friendly links to the page and your site. This type of article is often referred to as ‘Evergreen Content’ due to its long shelf life and consistent appeal.

Developing this type of higher traffic content will also have a positive effect on your whole site as it will (from a search engine perspective) share its status a a higher ranking page with all other connected pages. Thus improving visibility of your overall site online. Do remember to review from time to time so they don't become dated or irrelevant.

Audio or video content

Content marketing is not restricted to the written word. Any material which can be used to engage with your target audience is definitely part of content marketing.

Both video and audio can be great mediums to spread your message, share your skills and knowledge whilst at the same time promoting your business, product or service. Very often you will find that you can reach different segments of you audience who might not otherwise see different formats. Don't forget to add supporting text on pages that contain the video or audio.

You don't have to have to use a lot of expensive tools to produce great content. In fact everybody who has a smart phone can make a short engaging video clip - even a few minutes showcasing a skill or location for example can be a great informative piece of content. You might even consider very short clips using an App such as Vine.

Not all will work for you so think about what will work best for your brand, product or service and what time or resource you have available. Do experiment you might be surprised!

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