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We review and check your site to see how effective it is as an online marketing channel. Is it engaging with potential new clients online, showcasing key products and services as well as sustaining relationships with existing clients? We check on-page SEO, links, content quality, usability and social connections. You get a report that provides a routemap for development and improving efficiency against your marketing objectives

website review and auditt

Keeping your website up and running will take a large sum out of your marketing budget. If it is not effective you might not be getting the best value or return for your online investment.

If your site has been online for some time it may well be out of synch with your current marketing needs. Equally it may have fallen behind on what is required to rank well with search engines (who are constantly changing their methods for determining which pages come top or the pile).

Social media platforms continue to poliferate and as a result your target audience may have shifted to new areas. If you haven't treied anything new recently you could be out of touch.

A site evaluation from H P Consulting will deliver you a report that will show you where you are missing out, how to improve existing pages and suggestions for new development. All of which will give you a much better return on you current expenditure.

The process

To start we would meet with you to gain a good understanding of your business and your marketing objectives. Also an understanding of your target audience and the "personas" appropriate for your site. This can be in person or over the phone.

Access to your analytics and webmaster tools is helpful to help add accurate quantitative detail and insight to the report.

We then use this information to assist our evaluation and review of your website. Below is a list of the areas that are covered in an evaluation.

What gets evaluated?

On-page SEO: Here we check to see that pages are named correctly and that keywords appear in all the right places such as page titles and headlines. Also taking a look at the underlying code to check usage of "H" and Alt tags.

Keywords and phrases: We will look at what words or phrases are being used where, checking to see if they match your target audience interest areas and marketing objectives. we will check to see what volume of searches are being made for the words and terms on your site

Page titles and descriptions: Are they the right length, are keywords in the right order. We will check for duplicates.

Content: Do you have enough? How often do you add new content? Is it engaging and informative? We will comment on what is there and make suggestions on what might make it better. Do you blog?

Structure: Are your important pages near the top of your site or buried away and hard to find.

Usability: How easy is your site and navigation to use? : Is your design and layout helping or hindering the visitor? Is it clear to the visitor what they should do on each page? Are you showcasing all content/areas of business equally? Our review will show you how you measure up against best practice.

Social: How well are you doing on social media?. Are you engaging with your audience on a regular basis. Does you activity drive traffic to the site? We will check you pages and offer practical advice on how to be better integrated and make it easy for you site visitors to connect with you.

We will provide you with a written report that contains analysis plus suggestions on what you can change to improve its effectivness and deliver you better value for money. (Typically the changes suggested are quick any easy to make with little if any additional cost. We are not wedded to any particular technology or platform and are advocates of using the many free apps, wigets and platforms available.)

Helping you to get your business right online

If you think that your site could improve or just want to check that you are on the right track with your online marketing, why not get in touch? An affordable evaluation report can give you a useful guide to plan your development.

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